Telecom Engineering

InfinEth Solutions' expertise in the telecom engineering stream is evident from the extensive projects that we have been involved in and completed successfully. In the telecom arena we are involved in the different telecom network infrastructures. Among these the following are the main ones:-

Wireless Networks

InfinEth Solutions provides turnkey solutions in the wireless Networks both for GSM and CDMA systems. The networks can be for mobile or wireless local loop systems.

Fixed Networks

InfinEth Solutions is one of the few companies that have license from Ethiopian Telecommunications Agency to provide engineering services for Fixed Networks. We have qualified engineers and technicians who have been working on PSTN systems for many years.

Optical Fiber Transmission Systems

InfinEth Solutions is the only contractor employed by SIEMENS to construct the optical transmission network which was deployed on the routes Addis Ababa-Gonder, Addis Ababa-Mekele and Addis Ababa-Sululta Earth Station. In these projects we have installed and commissioned 66 STM- 16 &64 stations with the power supply system. InfinEth will provide service on fiber transports both for core and access networks. Optical fiber installation and commissioning is a field we have got excellent performance for. We have become part of History on the construction of the "Fiber High way Project", which was the biggest backbone to be built in the country for Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation

Outside Plant

Before the wide development of wireless access, outside plant networks have been the only way to give subscribers access to the telecom services. Even today wired access system is not an outdated system. Recent technology developments have promised optical access networks which have huge bandwidth for multimedia service users. Copper based access networks will continue as access method for developing countries like Ethiopia.


Even if many microwave transmission systems on back bone of operators are being replaced by optical fibers, microwave radios will continue to serve for branching routes for many years to come. InfinEth solutions with the qualified professional in the SDH and PDH systems will give service for:-
  • Site survey
  • Civil works related to microwave stations, like foundation works for solar and towers
  • Installation of VHF, UHF and Microwave (PDH and SDH radios)
  • Antenna and feeder installation including the orientation of antennas
  • Software configuration
  • Commissioning

Our Telecom Engineering service provision follows a structured and organized project management approach that ensures the timely delivery of our services to any type of project that we work on.


In addition to our involvement in the telecom installation services, InfinEth will give consultancy for operators or vendors on telecom service provision. Followup of projects done by other service providers and preparation of specifications for telecom products are among the services available for our customers. The consultancy services we are engaged in are as follows:-
  • Tender specification preparation for IT and Telecom products
  • Evaluation of proposals and product selection process
  • Installation supervision of telecom infrastructure
  • Consulting on network structure design and technology selection process