Information Communication Technology

System automation and ICT integration is becoming a necessity nowadays in every type of business to keep abreast with the intense competition and ever increasing customer demands.To be able to compete in today's dynamic market and provide quality service in core services, automating a company's system has to be done now and not tomorrow. The elongated time and human resource needed in systems that are not automated is no more acceptable. A company's ICT infrastructure needs to be well designed and robust to ensure the implementation and proper functionality of the automated system as well.

System Design and Development

lnfinEth Solutions provides services of system automation to its customers, from initial planning phase to final implementation. Our experienced system developers perform thorough system analysis and design, to correctly identify client requirements and build a prototype solution in a short time. The prototype is presented to the client for preliminary testing and feedback. Proper system analysis and design usually result in a prototype that is as close to the final solutions as possible, and hence the testing and feed back period are usually shortened. In the software development area, InfinEth is actively working for many companies using programming languages such as C++, Java, . NET. We develop software for any kind of requirement from customers. Our staffs are one of the best in web page programming, design and implementation as well.


Computer Networks are an integral part of the overall IT infrastructure. As a result, the robust design of networks and the associated physical infrastructure is of paramount importance for the performance, management, and expansion of computer networks. High connectivity and collaboration among workers is greatly facilitated with better network design and flexible network infrastructure. InfinEth Solutions develops computer network infrastructures ranging from simple Local Area Networks (LAN) to Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN) / Wide Area Networks (WAN) and enable the connection of branch offices or other national or international resource centers for any type of company. InfinEth also designs and deploys Storage and Backup solutions for organizations based on the industry standard technologies - Storage Area Network (SAN) or Network Attached Storage (NAS). These will ensure high availability of critical applications and data during disa sters, software/hardware failures or human errors.


System Administration is an important role within a deployed IT infrastructure. It includes the tasks of maintaining and operating all the components within the network, in order to ensure high level of availability and performance for the users.

InfinEth, in its bid to provide quality system administration services, continuously updates its staffs' skills and keep up to date with the current technology in order to provide a quality service and assist the clients critical business and success. One of the ways of realizing this is through training.

Data Center

One of the core strengths of InfinEth Solutions is in over all Data Center design and installation. The individual work experiences of InfinEth staff in various ICT sectors and specific Data Center projects have helped in amalgamating into a complete Data Center focused service provision. Our Data Center related services range from Plans and Layouts, Power Distribution System, Physical Security and Surveillance, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Fire Suppression System and Configuration of Data Center equipment.


For the successful operation of all business functions within on organization, careful hiring and recruitment are necessary. After staff are on their duties, constant training and skill transfer are highly important as well to ensure that staff keep innovating and handle their work productively and efficiently. For this reason, at InfinEth, we give high emphasis to such activities and encourage our clients to do the same.


Consultancy is another area where InfinEth provides its highly valued service. Our consultancy services are inexpensive but comprehensive, which are available to different types of organizations; be it small or medium enterprise, private or governmental. Our consultancy methodology starts by studying and analyzing customer needs in the areas of ICT and Electro-Mechanical Engineering. After a thorough study, we compile a list of prioritized solutions that customers can embark on based on their plan, budget and man power available. At the end of the day, our high level consultancy will guarantee the delivery of an optimal and expandable solution.