Power & Electro-Mechanical Engineering

Our services centered on the fields of Power & Electro-Mechanical Engineering mainly focuses on electrical installation, machinery erection, and Vertical transport systems supply. We also support our customers to use modern control and automation systems on their valuable infrastructure set up for manufacturing.

Electric Power systems

lnfinEth Solutions is currently highly involved on the construction of distribution and transmission projects. We have electrified more than 40 rural villages in the past three years. We are also investing on feasibility studies of electric power supply systems for rural areas.

Electro-Mechanical works for Factories

InfinEth Solutions, with its professionals having diversified knowledge and skills in Electro-mechanical engineering, designs a convenient solution for customers' requirements. We at InfinEth perform our projects timely so that factories would immediately commence their production line.

Electrical Installations for Buildings

InfinEth Solutions aims to provide electrical installations that meet industry standards. There is a misconception of considering electrical installations of buildings as a secondary or tertiary part of the building. Due to this misconception many building that are built in most parts of the country have poor electrical installations. InfinEth gives top priority to the electrical installation of buildings which also affects the aesthetic value of the buildings. In this area InfinEth is the first company to advocate electrical installations to be done by professionals who have the necessary qualifications for the job.

Vertical Transportation systems

InfinEth Solutions vision is developing professional service in areas where our country lags behind. One of the areas where professionalism is at its infant stage is the vertical transportation systems. In this area InfinEth Solutions has founded a subsidiary company which only works in Elevators and Escalator systems.